Guest Post from (a) musing foodie – Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

As promised, Liza from (a) Musing Foodie is guest posting for A family that eats together today!

I was drawn to Liza’s blog by her amazing photos and wonderful recipes that our family has really enjoyed. She also has just a touch of sass that makes her blog so much fun to read.

Liza has great ideas for seasonal foods and makes her recipes very easy to follow. Read more about Liza and her background here.

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken she created for us and I am so excited to try it this weekend.

Happy Cooking!

I love easy meals – who doesn’t? Yes, as a foodie, it’s fun to spend a lot of time on an elaborate spread, planning a dinner party, carefully choosing unique ingredients from specialty shops.

But let’s be frank.

On a busy work night, who has time for all THAT? Yeah, me either.

I don’t use my slow cooker all the time, but I do have a few recipes that are easy and well-loved by my husband and two kids. This particular one was gobbled up by both the 6-year old AND the 2-year old last week for dinner.

I’m serious. The first time they tried it, which is basically unheard of.

And what I love about this recipe most is that it starts with frozen chicken breasts. FROZEN chicken breasts, people! Not having to remember to thaw chicken for a recipe? Fabulous! Throw it all into the slow cooker before work, come home to an awesome smelling house and a dinner that’s ready to throw on the table. Perfection.


1 28oz can crushed tomatoes

2 fresh tomatoes, diced

1 medium onion, diced

1 packet taco seasoning (or a homemade blend if you prefer)

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/3 cup cream cheese

3 or 4 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 cup rice, cooked

1 tablespoon dried or freshly diced parsley (optional)



Add the first 7 ingredients to a slow cooker and give a couple of stirs to just combine. Nestle the chicken breasts into the tomato mixture, place the lid on top, and set to cook for 6 to 8 hours.

Before serving, use two forks to pull the chicken apart while it’s still in the crock pot. Let cook for another 15 minutes. Spoon the chicken and tomato sauce over rice, sprinkle with parsley and serve hot.

Makes enough for 4.


© 2011, Nicole. All rights reserved.

3 Responses to Guest Post from (a) musing foodie – Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken
  1. Nicole Cibellis
    August 22, 2011 | 9:04 pm

    I tried this recipe last night and it was a hit with my whole family. The left-overs are even better. This will definitely be on my core list of recipes. Thanks Liza for contributing this recipe!

  2. Ben the Crock Pot King
    August 24, 2011 | 10:29 am

    Great article!!! Simple, and to the point! please whatever you do keep it up, stop by crockpotking, and take a look at the recipes there as well as the videos, I have , and the e books. What a lot of people don’t get is that a lot of people don’t realize that a crock pot is such a time saver, and if you have a family, it an enormous task out of the way, when you get home from work. Because the bottom line is that the last thing you, or anybody for that matter, is that they want to cook!!!
    once again Great article, and keep Crock Potting !!!

  3. jennifer longaway
    August 28, 2011 | 10:12 pm

    this looks delicious and easy to make. i need to use my crockpot more!

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